Behavioral Interview -How to Deal With Behavioral Questions ?

Some Suggestion About Behavioral Interview Question and Answer :

What is Behavioral Interview?

behavioral-interviewIn Behavioral Interview the recruiter wants to know about your past behavior on a particular situation. What type of act you performed on that situation. It describes a lot about you which is valuable for them to judge you. Interviewer can ask you about the exact steps you taken on that situation.


STAR Formula:

There is a formula called “S T A R” formula to answer any kind of behavioral interview question. This STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result. Here you have to describe about the exact situation you faced, the task you have done, the action you have taken and ultimately the result you got.
One thing you have to keep in mind that you have to deliver the answer that way how the interviewer wants to hear. Right assumption can make the difference.

Some Cool Strategies to answer Behavioral Interview Questions :

1. Listen Interviewer Carefully

Listen interviewer carefully & properly while asking the question. It is a very good practice. Interruption or careless attitude decreases the possibility of the candidate.

2. Use of Proper Terms

Use proper terms and carefully chose the languages while answering that behavioral question. This can denote you as an expert on you field.

3. Most Important fact first

When you asked about your any work experience make sure you chose the most important experience and which reflects your problem solving capability. This will create a good impression of you.

4. To the Point Answer

Try to answer any question in short. Short and to the point answer is more understandable than a huge descriptive question.

5. Relatedness

Stay careful choosing the experience. Make sure the facts you are going to talk about are related with the job or not.

avoid-on-job-interviewDon’t Do While Answering

1. Don’t be over smart.
2. Don’t explain more than need
3. Don’t interrupt interviewer while asking question
4. Don’t say facts which are not relevant
5. Don’t blame any person for any kind of failure.
Some Sample Behavioral Questions

Here are some huge list of Behavioral Questions.

Download those awesome questions in PDF  (Click on PDF to download)

                   1. ACP_PDF 2_file_document

                   2.ACP_PDF 2_file_document

                  3. ACP_PDF 2_file_document

These are some tips about behavioural interview. Following those tips will help you . If you want some awesome book about job interview  check here.Thank you .


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