Competency Based Interviews

Competency based interview :

Competency-based-interviewIn job interviews the interviewer always search competencies or the special qualities  in the candidates. Those competency based  questions used as a benchmark to judge a candidate . These particular type of question evokes candidates to give the real past experience on a particular situation. This answer will give the idea about skill, knowledge , attitude and stress management capability of a candidate. Most of the time the recruiter have some pre-decided answer in their mind  with those competency based questions and they just see the answer of the candidates matches or not.

Meaning of Competency based questions :

These are the question where interviewer give a real life situation of problem related to job and the candidate have explain how he or she can overcome using experience , knowledge & skill.  They may be asked about their past desiccation which they made on those circumstances.

Why competency based questions used ?

Past experience probably the best way to know the potential of candidate on any field . That is why interviewer use competency based interview answers as a tool to judge either the candidate fit for the job or not and also profitable or not.

Many of candidates are there who don’t have any past experience they also asked competency based questions . On those cases some real life situations are given to candidates , they have to tell that what would be their steps or act on the situation or problem.

Some Common Subjects for a Competency Based Interview:

There are lots of subjects of competencies which an interviewer ask for . These are some common  subjects of competency based questions.

1. Teamwork

E.g- Tell me about the experience when you were a team member. What about the problem you faced and what was your key contribution?

2. Leadership

E.g- Have to ever act as a team leader . What is the experience on that leadership and what type of challenges and problems you faced? How did you overcome?

3. Decision making

E.g-  Hove you experienced such situation where you had took some decision?

4. Problem solving

E.g- Have you ever solver a complicated problem on your past job.

5. Communication

E.g- What are the phalanges you faced to improve the communication approach towards your audience

These are few example of competency based interview questions. The best way to overcome the challenge is to random practice on common interview question and answer. You can find a lot of cool info in this Book.


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