What to Wear to an Interview (Man)

Some Suggestions For Men About Interview Outfit  :

In an interview, your subject knowledge, your affability is very much essential, but comparatively clothing is equally also essentials for any type of job interview. First impressions, takes seconds for a complete stranger to formulate a positive and negative opinion of you based on your appearance alone. 389af09

Fashions come and fashions go, but style remains, and, for both formal and informal job interviews there are a few hard and fast rules. So here’s a guide to make sure you choose the winning outfit for the job interview.

So for Men – What to Wear to an Interview ?

There are some portions where we have to look for. They are

  1. Interview Suit
  2. Interview Pant
  3. Interview Shoes & Belt
  4. Watch
  5. Hair Style
  6. Fragrance

1. Interview Suit

Interview-outfit for menA white coloured shirt is your best option. Your suits should be comfortable and fit you well, so that you look and act your best. It should not be so tight in fittings. Suit should be neat, clean and pressed. Suitable tie is recommended.

Avoid- Loud colour shirts .Flashy , lightning ties.

2. Interview Pant

Interview-cloth-pantPant should have the proper contrast with the shirt.  If shirt is white , the colour of the pant should be black or dark blue , blackish green or dark brownish but not not light like yellowish or  light blue.Fittings of the plant is really important. It should match your body structure.

Avoid-  Shiny colour . Lose fitting , annoying design in the pant should take care .

3. Interview Shoes & Belt

interview-shoes-not-to wearLeather or business shoes are perfect for a job interview. Preferably black or cordovan (match your belt colour ).It should be clean and brushed . Socks should be dark in colour which is matched with pants. The colour of the belt is also not to irritating .It is good to be plain and simple.

Avoid Any colourful bright shoes . Any other kind of footwear instead of shoes not fits in interview.

4. Interview Watch

Interview beltWear a conservative watch. Metallic watches gives a better outfit .  If you choose to wear other jewellery it should be conservative.

5Interview-hair-style Interview Hair Style

Hair should be also neat, clean and hair style should be conservative. It varies man to man . There is no perfect style . It is up to you .


Eye catchy colour, Annoying style etc..

6. Fragrance

Use deodorant. Don’t use cologne. You should not smell overpowering, it may causes an allergic reaction.Make sure you have fresh breath.


Smoking before an interview, Body odour.


These are some tips . Except that you can work with your according your personality .Thank you.

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